A Brief Analysis of Disposable Biopsy Forceps

1. Details of the Use of Disposable Biopsy Forceps

The most critical thing for the use of disposable biopsy forceps is the mastery of strength.  Generally, during the operations with forceps, you can use the ring finger, middle finger, index finger and your thumb to conduct surgeries. In the process of using biopsy forceps, the strength should be moderate. It is important to remember not to use too much force. When you are trying to get foreign objects with forceps, you can easily feel that it is difficult to hold the object steadily once a great force is implemented. Thus, during the daily practice, it is of great significance to pay close attention to the using strength and you need to constantly feel the opening size of the sampling biopsy forceps and its used strength.

2. Select the Right Size Biopsy Forceps According to the Endoscope

The use of biopsy forceps is mainly based on the parameters of endoscope to select the appropriate length and diameter of the sampling forceps. Monitoring the sampling forceps, the endoscope can allow the biopsy forceps to get inside of human bodies through its clamp channel hole. After the accurate positioning of biopsy forceps, the plastic handle on the slide ring can be pushed forward to open the biopsy jaws. Then, after the forceps is placed close to the sampling tissue, the slide ring can then be tightly pulled back so as to close the jaws of the biopsy forceps, and the sampling is then completed. Finally, pull the hose backward to remove the sampling forceps. It is recommended to use needle type sampling forceps when sampling tissues that can easily slip off.

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