How to Restore Diet After Emr Gastro Procedure?

1. Patients should pay attention to diet after EMR gastro procedure

In general, most of the gastrointestinal function has begun to recover by the second to third day after EMR gastro procedure, which is commonly referred to as "ventilation". At this point, except for some patients with special conditions, most patients can start enteral nutrition, which is referred to as eating. The gastrointestinal function began to recover after ventilation, and it needs to be recovered slowly due to surgical trauma. So, there is a slow transition process of eating, and patients should not eat as freely as they did before the surgery.

2. How to restore diet after EMR gastro procedure

In general, the diet process after the intestinal function is recovered after EMR gastro procedure should start with liquid food, and then gradually transition to semi-liquid food until normal food.

Let's take a look at what is liquid good. Liquid food is a type of food that is in a liquid state, which can be melted into liquid in the mouth. It is easier to swallow and digest than a semi-liquid food. There are liquid foods such as vegetable soup, tomato juice, fresh fruit juice, boiled fruit water, fruit tea, chicken soup, meat soup, liver soup, etc. The time of eating liquid foods can be adjusted according to the recovery of individuals' gastrointestinal tract. If there are no special circumstances, the process usually lasts one to two days.

Semi-liquid food is a type of food that is relatively thin, easy to digest and chew, which contains less crude fiber. And it has a semi-liquid state without strong stimulation. After the transition of eating liquid food, the gastrointestinal function has been further recovered and gradually returned to the original stomach movement state. At this point, patients can gradually start to eat semi-liquid foods, which are commonly referred to as digestible foods. There are semi-liquid foods such as steamed egg, soft tofu, tofu pudding, fruit puree, ripe banana, vegetable puree, thin shredded vegetable leaves, minced meat, fish fillet. The duration of the procedure varies according to the duration of different surgeries.

After earlier adjustment of gastrointestinal function, the diet can gradually transit to a normal diet and return to their previous diet state. However, for the consideration of health, overeating should be avoided appropriately.

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