To improve people's health, we support healthcare providers with innovative products and solutions, modern technologies, and user-focused services. Always reliably.


To increase our value through innovation and high quality, we want to become one of the most reliable medical device brands in the field of therapeutic endoscopy. As an international company, we strive to become a global market leader, as well as a platform for innovation that shares its success with customers, employees, and shareholders.

Core Values

◆ Innovative / modern / state-of-the-art technology
◆ Quality first
◆ User-focused
◆ Reliable
◆ Transparent
◆ Uncomplicated / "easy-to-do-business-with" approach
◆ Social, legal and environmental responsibility
◆ Respect

Company Philosophy

We strive to improve people's health. In doing so, we are aware of our tremendous responsibility in developing products, technologies, and services that are used in therapeutic endoscopy. That's why we always place the highest quality first - in every product, at every location, and every time.

With our high-quality offerings, we want to support physicians and nurses in their daily work and are always seeking new and innovative solutions for the requirements of today's hospitals, clinics, and physician practices.

As a global company, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, and sustainable growth. We view ourselves as an on-going partner and act responsibly and transparently with our customers and employees. Our "easy-to-do-business-with" approach is characterized by openness, pro-active communication, and respect.

Furthermore, we are committed towards the society in which we work and live. We abide by legal and regulatory requirements, equal rights for all genders and sexual orientations, and the protection of environment and nature.