Micro-Tech Endoscopy Biliary (Longwire)

The organs and ducts that make and store bile (a fluid made by the liver that helps digest fat), and release it into the small intestine. The biliary system includes the gallbladder and bile ducts inside and outside the liver. Also called biliary tract.

Micro-tech provides different kinds of biliary endoscopy equipment, which can be divided into longwire and shortwire. As for Micro-Tech endoscopy biliary (longwire), it includes dilation balloons, guidewires, retrieval device, sphincterotomes, stents, stone management devices.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Biliary (Longwire) Used for ERCP

Our Micro-Tech Endoscopy Biliary(Longwire) are suitable for ERCP.

ERCP, an endoscopic procedure, which can be used for injecting dye into the bile ducts. Then X-ray pictures would be taken. With ERCP, the blockage or narrowing in one’s biliary ducts caused by stones, tumors or scarring can be seen. During the ERCP, if any blocks are found, tools can be passed through to relieve the block. Stones can be removed from the common bile duct and blocks can be biopsied, stented, or dilated by dilation balloons.

Featured Biliary (Longwire) In Micro-Tech Endoscopy

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