Airway Stents

Airway stents, also called tracheobronchial prostheses, is one of the important methods to treat airway stenosis, which can quickly relieve dyspnea and improve clinical symptoms. At present, there are many types of airway stents, among which the most common are expandable metal airway stents, silicone stents and hybrid stents. With the advancement of technology, Micro-Tech has researched and developed tracheal bronchial stents, Y-shape tracheal stents, J-shape tracheal stents, each of which has its own application. Welcome to check different types of airway stents of Micro-Tech below. If you want to know more about our bronchial stents, Y-shape tracheal stents and J-shape airway stents, welcome to contact us.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Airway Stents
Tips of Airway Stents
  1. Check and be well-prepared for all the tools that are required.

  2. Work with your familiar anesthetists and other medical staff.

  3. It may be no use to give endoscopy to those who are lack of respiration intensity.

  4. Radiological imaging need to be recent.

Operative Steps of Airway Stents
Operative Steps of Airway Stents
  • Firstly, patients need local anesthesia and tranquilizer;

  • Working together with anesthesiolegists and medical staff are attached great importance to;

  • Select the appropriate airway stent through positioning and precise measurement. CT and 3D CT reconstruction can be used to measure the stenosis, the length and degree of the stenosis, and the relationship between the length of the stenosis and the adjacent bronchus through bronchoscopy;

  • Establish a suitable push channel with precise guidance;

  • Release the airway stent in a suitable position;

  • Make a small range of adjustment to make the narrow section completely covered.

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