Dilation Balloons

The dilation balloon is generally operated under the direct vision of the endoscope. During the dilation, you can visually see if there is bleeding in the lesion. In this way, complications such as bleeding and perforation caused by the dilation are within the controllable range. At present, the mainstream dilation of gastrointestinal stenosis is the dilation balloons. The inflation balloon is a device and a method.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Dilation Balloons
Indications of Dilation Balloons

Insufficient lift of the soft palate, decreased cough reflex and vomiting reflex, poor tongue movement, decreased muscle strength of the tongue muscles, and delayed swallowing. There are food residues in the oral cavity when eating solid foods. Cough when drinking water.

Micro-Tech's Development of Dilation Balloons
Micro-Tech's Development of Dilation Balloons

Swallowing disorders can have devastating consequences for patients and their caregivers. With the launch of Micro-Tech Dilation Balloon, this obstacle has been eliminated, and we will continue to be committed to the promise of medical solutions and continue to serve doctors and patients.

Since 2000, Micro-Tech has been working closely with physicians to open up the technology required for surgery. We combine medical equipment, biomaterials, and Innovative therapies to help medical systems around the world provide better results more effectively.

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