The Paper Analyzes The Disinfection And Use of Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy forceps are indispensable tools for endoscopy to obtain pathological specimens, and if contaminated biopsy forceps are used to obtain specimens, it will lead to the occurrence of nosocomial infection.

1. Disinfection of Biopsy Forceps

The disinfection methods of the reusable biopsy forceps can be divided into the disinfection method of using automatic cleaning ultrasonic atomization endoscope disinfection machine (referred to as machine disinfection method) and vertical hanging immersion disinfection method.

  • Machine Disinfection Method: After the biopsy is taken, the biopsy forceps are first cleaned under water flow, and the brush is cleaned and placed in the sterilizer to set the disinfection at the same time as the endoscope. The set time is 5 minutes as required.

  • Vertical Hanging Immersion Disinfection Method: This method utilzes the same way to clean the biopsy forceps, and then hangs the biopsy forceps vertically and soaks them in a glass organ container of glutaraldehyde. The sterilization time is 10 minutes. Then, in the same way, sample the clamp flap and the lower end of the biopsy forceps and send the clamp bacteria to culture.

2. Discussion on Biopsy Forceps Disinfection

In recent years, with the continuous popularization of endoscopy and treatment and the increase in the number of treatment personnel, nosocomial infections have gradually attracted people's attention. Therefore, the disinfection and sterilization of endoscopes and their accessories has been paid more and more attention. It is of great importance to find an effective method of disinfection and sterilization of endoscope accessories to prevent cross-infection in the hospital. Up to now, many scholars have devoted themselves to the research of disinfection and sterilization of endoscopy and biopsy forceps, but they have not found the reason for incomplete disinfection of biopsy forceps, so the disinfection effect is not obvious. However, if you use disposable biopsy forceps, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cross-infection. Therefore, if the equipment conditions permit, disposable biopsy forceps will be the most ideal equipment for endoscopy and treatment.

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