The Knowledge of Intestinal Stent

In recent years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of domestic and foreign reports on the use of various metal stents as intestinal luminal support for the treatment of malignant obstruction of the colorectum. Under these circumstances,  a mesh stent is placed at the site of intestinal stenosis to hold the intestine open so that the stenosis or obstruction site can be reopened. These procedures can be used as a permanent or temporary treatment for malignant obstruction of colorectal cancer and to create conditions for elective surgery. Endo-intestinal stents are suitable for patients with stenotic obstruction of duodenum, small intestine, colon and rectum and anastomotic stricture due to invasion, compression or other malignant lesions of advanced malignant tumours in the abdomen.

1. The Classification of Intestinal Stents

According to different lesions, intestinal stents can be classified into duodenal stents, colonic stents and rectal stents according to the location of placement. Clinically, stents of different diameters should be selected according to the patient's condition.

2. The Characteristics of Intestinal Stents

Generally, the intestinal stent has excellent biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, and it also possesses the traits of memory characteristics and super elasticity.  At a certain temperature, the intestinal stent can be easily put into the placement device. After the stent is released inside the body, it can gradually return to its original shape and produce a continuous gentle radial expansion force that acts on the inner wall of the intestine to restore patency to the stenosis.

The stent is super-elastic at body temperature and deforms with normal bowel movements, allowing the bowel to remain open without discomfort.

3. Who will Especially Benefit from Intestinal Stent?

As for patients with advanced intestinal tumour who have lost the best time for surgery, the endo-intestinal stent can solve their suffering of intestinal obstruction. With the help of intestinal stents, patients can resume normal feeding and avoid hanging faecal bag, which can effectively improve the quality of survival.

For patients whose tumours are found early and still have the chance of radical surgery, the endo-intestinal stent can temporarily solve the urgent problem of intestinal obstruction and provide the opportunity for further elective radical surgery. Normally, patients are in poor physical condition when the intestinal obstruction strikes and many tests necessary for surgery cannot be done at this time if radical surgery is performed hastily. Thus, only with the help of intestinal stenta can the chances of surgical complications be greatly increased.

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