How Much Do You Know About Disposable Cell Brushes?

The single-use cytology brushes are composed of a thumb ring, catheter, long rivet head, positioner, sliding handle, short rivet head, sheath, guide wire, brush head, and connecting tube. It is a single-use product and is usually sterilized with ethylene oxide. It is often used for endoscopic brushing of respiratory and digestive tract tissue samples.

1. Physical Characteristics of Disposable Cytology Brushes

When making disposable cytology brushes, the bristles need to be firmly attached to the guide wire so that they will not be easily dislodged. The connection between the brush head and the guidewire, the brush head and the handle, and the catheter and the handle should be strong enough to prevent disconnection or loosening. The catheter part of the cytology brush also needs to be tough and easy to operate when the winding is loosened and returned to its pre-winding state. The catheter portion of the cytology brushes should have radial rigidity, and there should not occur bending after winding.

2. Chemical and Biological Properties of the Disposable Cytology Brushes

The guide wire in the brush head of cytology brushes should have good corrosion resistance. According to the requirements of YY/T0149-2006 5.4 test evaluation level B: When there occur traces of corrosion, these traces should be able to be removed by wiping. Disposable cytology brushes should be required to meet the requirements of sterility. It should not have the characteristics of acute systemic toxicity and delayed hypersensitivity.

3. The Classification of Disposable Cytology Brushes

Disposable cytology brushes can be classified according to different types of brush heads: I type (straight type), and U type (ring type).

Disposable cell brushes can also be further subdivided into different sizes according to the outer diameter of the brush head, length and effective length of the sheath.

4. Why choose Nano-micro's Disposable Cytology Brushes

As a professional cytology brushes manufacturer, Nano-micro's disposable cytology brushes have the following advantages:

  • Integrated brush head design, no possibility of disgorgement.

  • Smooth and straight outer tube, good bending resistance and maneuverability.

  • Large bristle spread angle for adequate sampling.

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