The Working Priciple of Hemostasis Clip

1. Precautions in the Use of Hemostasis Clips

  • The opening angle of a hemostasis clip should be mastered, and the opening angle should not be too small.

  • The hemostatic clip at the cardia, under the cardia, and the posterior wall of the duodenal bulb is sometimes difficult to directly align with the bleeding blood vessel, which can lead to failure of placement.

2. Postoperative Care After Using Hemostatic Clip

  • After the hemostatic clip is fasted for 24 hours, you can start to have a liquid diet, and then gradually return to a normal diet.

  • Observe the condition closely, measure blood pressure and pulse rate regularly. You must also observe whether there is vomiting blood or blood in stool, and pay attention to any complications, such as late bleeding, ulceration, perforation and other complications, and give active treatment.

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