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When gastrointestinal bleeding hapepens, what we should do is gastroenterology hemostasis. MICRO-TECH is equipped with high-quality equipments for treatment of gastroenterology hemostasis, with a complete set of equipment, such as hemostasis clips, injection needles, multi band ligators and so on, which are effective and precise for gastrointestinal bleeding.

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Gastroenterology Hemostasis FAQs
How Long Does It Take To Recover From A GI Bleeding?

The gastrointestinal mucosa has a good repair ability. Generally, the mucosa at the bleeding site can be repaired in three to five days.

It is recommended that during the bleeding recovery period to eat semi-liquid, avoid spicy and greasy food, eat small meals and maintain an optimistic attitude.

How Do You Stop A GI Bleeding?

First, have a reasonable rest, and not be overworked; second, avoid rough diet, because rough diet may be possible to cut through the varices of the esophagus and stomach, causing massive bleeding in the digestive tract. The diet should be sparse and easy to digest, and at the same time, it is recommended to eat small and frequent meals; third, drinking alcohol is limited; fourth, if you smoke, please quit.

What Is Endoscopic Hemostasis?

Endoscopic hemostasis is a general term for the treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding under endoscopy and is widely used clinically. Common methods of hemostasis under endoscopy include local spraying of hemostatic agent, local injection (absolute alcohol, sclerosant/tissue adhesive), high-frequency electrocoagulation to stop bleeding, microwave, laser, hemostatic clip, argon ion coagulation, etc.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding?

The common causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding are: liver cirrhosis leads to the rupture of the varicose network of the fundus of the esophagus and the fundus of the stomach, leading to the upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Peptic ulcer is also one of the common causes of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding. There is also acute gastric mucosal damage. Such as drinking, poisoning, etc. Stress gastric ulcers caused by brain injury can also induce acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and leukemia can also be caused.

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