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Every Nitinol Stents from the MICRO-TECH range is manufactured using high quality Nitinol wire. The “thermal memory effect” of Nitinol causes the released stent to unfold into its predetermined dimensions at body temperature. It therefore adapts to the anatomy and achieves the desired dilation of the stenosis in an optimum manner.

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Nitinol Stents FAQs
What Is A Intestinal Stent?

Intestinal stent is a mesh stent placed on the narrowed part of the intestine to expand the intestine to restore the patency of the narrowed or blocked part. It can be used as a permanent or temporary treatment for malignant obstruction of colorectal cancer and creates conditions for elective surgery. The intestinal stent is suitable for patients with stenosis and obstruction of the duodenum, small intestine, colon, and rectum and anastomotic stenosis due to the invasion, compression or other malignant lesions of advanced abdominal malignant tumors.

How Long Can Esophageal Stents Last?

The esophageal stent is generally placed for 3 to 6 months. After 3 to 6 months, the continuous expansion effect has appeared, and the symptoms of dysphagia have been relieved, so we took out the stent. If the esophageal stenosis is caused by malignant tumors, such as esophageal cancer and cardia cancer, and surgery cannot be accepted, a fully covered esophageal stent is placed.

What Should I Eat After Getting An Esophageal Stent?

It is recommended that patients fast for 1-2 days after placing the esophageal stent. If saliva is secreted, you should not swallow. Generally speaking, on the third day, there are nutritious liquid foods such as soy milk, milk, gravy, rice soup, etc. It should be administered in small amounts each time, about 200-300 ml. It is best to sit or semi-recumbent when eating, and use gravity to reduce the time that food stays in the esophageal cavity and reduce adverse reactions.

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