Micro-Tech Endoscopy Resection

Features of Resection:

  • ESD Knifes:A large range of lesions can be removed at one time in the minimally invasive treatment

  • Sterile Hot Snare: Be able to make the removal of polyps more efficiently

  • Diamond CutTM Cold Snares: used on pedunculated polyps of up to 5 mm in size and sessile polyps of the same size. The bleeding will be relieved naturally, no special intervention is required.

  • Economic Value: ESD Knifes can make the trauma small, and multiple sites can be treated at once, or multiple treatments can be used to achieve the effect of radically curing gastrointestinal tumors.

Featured Resection In Micro-Tech Endoscopy

Resection FAQS
How To Have High-Quality Endoscopic Mucosal Resection During Endoscopy?

EMR and ESD can make the safe and effective removal, but they require special training and clinic experience and the ability to treat the complications.

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