Micro-Tech Endoscopy Biliary (Shortwire)

With the rapid development of ERCP technology, ERCP surgery has become more complicated, and more instruments will be used. So the biliary (short wire) emerged, which can speed up the exchanging time of instruments, enhance the control of the doctors and assistants on the exchange of the instruments. It makes the ERCP operation relatively simple so as to shorten the treatment time. Micro-Tech provides Biliary (Shortwire) including SHOW sphincterotomes, SHOW stents, SHOW stone management, SHOW guidewire locking device, guide wires and so on.

Featured Biliary (Shortwire) In Micro-Tech Endoscopy

Biliary (Shortwire) FAQs
What is SHOW biliary system?

The SHOW biliary system refers to the Short Wire biliary system, which is designed for facilitating the access and control instruments during ERCP.

What is the advantages of SHOW biliary system?

SHOW biliary system enables the gastroenterologist to control the instruments during ERCP, and makes the operation more stable, accurate, autonomous and faster.

What's the difference between biliary (shortwire) and biliary (longwire)?

The biliary (shortwire), which is also the Short Wire system, helps doctors to lock the wire in place and enables doctors assess the situation quickly during ERCP, which are things biliary (longwire) cannot do.

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