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In order to actualise innovative design of esophageal stents, Mr. Leng Derong and Mr. Xu Funing established Micro-Tech in 1999. Before 2003, Micro-Tech has built widespread reputation in the field of non-vascular stents in China.
In 2003, Mr. Daniel Kuhn introduced Micro-Tech to disposable concept of medical device such as disposable biopsy forceps. Micro-Tech started to develop disposable accessories of endoscope from disposable biopsy forceps.
Over ten years, Micro-Tech has been devoting itself to proprietary IP, technologies & special “know how”, advanced facilities, rigorous quality control system. Rooted in the “World Plant”, China, we have more opportunities to improve cost control of manufacturing processes.
Now, Micro-Tech runs own R&D, engineering, production and logistic departments – from the original idea to the delivery of the final product everything is in house. In addition, Micro-Tech is taking joint-research with medical institutes and universities laboratories. The joint project of “R&D and Application of New-type GI Stent” with Southeast University was approved as Award Grade Two of National Science and Technology Progress in 2011.
Micro-Tech has built a dedicated team to respond to this fiercely competitive and rapid changing market. In 2007, Micro-Tech Europe was established in Germany as the direct sales and services channel to European market.
Up to now, Micro-Tech has become the largest manufacturer of non-vascular stents and disposable biopsy forceps in China. The main products including stents, disposable biopsy forceps, dilatation balloon and others have covered above 50% market share in China. Outside China, Micro-Tech sells products to Europe, North America and Oceania etc. Also Micro-Tech provides OEM/ODM service to international well-known companies in medical device field.
Micro-Tech has been working for developing innovative instruments in the field of minimally invasive surgery for ten years. We are adept in working together with clinicians, sales partners and suppliers. So Micro-Tech has a dream of being the best “innovative plant” trusted by clinicians and partners.



● Micro-Tech Europe becomes fully owned subsidiary of Micro-Tech Group.


● MICRO-TECH USA established. Acquired Microwave Ablation company-Canyon


● New Facility has started construction


● In 2012, the joint project of “R&D and Application of New-type GI Stent” with Southeast University was approved as Award Grade Two of National Science and Technology Progress in 2011.


● In 2010, the joint project of “R&D and Application of New-type Esophageal Stent” with Prof. Teng Gaojun from Southeast University was approved as Award Grade Two of Science and Technology Progress, Ministry of Education.


● In 2009, the project of “The Industrialized Development of Interventional Therapy of Non-vascular Functional Stent by Minimal Invasive Surgery”, initiated by Micro-Tech, was authorized as “2009 Jiangsu Sustentation Fund for the Transformation of Key Technology Achievements” by the Provincial Science and Technology Department and Micro-Tech obtained a sustentation fund of RMB 12,000,000 and should construct a nationally top-ranking and internationally leading platform of R&D and manufacturing of stent.


● In May of 2007, Micro-Tech (Europe) GmbH established in Germany, and it's the milestone of Micro-Tech branded products entering into the European market.


● Since 2005, the business of OEM/ODM grew rapidly and Micro-Tech became the supplier of several well-known medical enterprises in Europe and America. And the production and quality managements improved greatly.


● In April of 2004, Hong Kong Xiezhong (Group) Co., Ltd. acquired the shares from Hong Kong Micro-Tech Co., Ltd. and Mr. Long Xiaohui took up the post of Board Chairman of Micro-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.


● In 2003, the first disposable biopsy forceps was developed and obtained both the registrations of SFDA as well as CE, which laid the foundation for a rapid growth of sales.


● In April of 2003, China Science and Merchants Capital Management Limited increased its investments in Micro-Tech, and the corporate governance structure standardized.


● In 2003, Micro-Tech obtained the accreditation of ISO13485 quality management system. The non-vascular stent obtained CE certificate and launched in European market.


● In 2001, with the sustentation fund of National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Micro-Tech built the first 100,000-class clean room in the non-vascular stent field in China.


● In 2000, Micro-Tech signed the agreement of patent permission with Prof. Wang Shidong, Southeast University and Prof. Zhao Zhiquan, Nanjing Medical University. Prof. Wang was appointed as Chief Engineer. The production trial of stent started. In October of 2000, the registrations of esophageal stent and biliary stent were approved by SFDA.


● In 2000, organized by Mr. Cheng Jing, Ms. Bian Kangmei, Ms. Luo Ying and Mr. Li Linsun became the new share-holders of Nanjing Micro-Tech Medical Device Co., Ltd. The Company cooperated with Hong Kong Micro-Tech Co., Ltd., which was specially registered by Mr. Liu Huiyan, and founded the joint venture company called “Micro-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.”.


● In 1999, Mr. Leng Derong and Mr. Xu Funing initiated the establishment of “Nanjing Micro-Tech Medical Device Co., Ltd.”, responsible for the distribution of “Xinquan” shape-memory Nitinol stent.