J-Shape Tracheal Stents
J-Shape Tracheal Stents
J-Shape Tracheal Stents

J-Shape Tracheal Stents

MICRO-TECH would like to introduce an additional special stent designed specifically for treatment of the respiratory tracts in the shape of the self-expanding Carina-J-Stent. Owing to its angled design in the form of a J, the stent can be perfectly placed in the trachea and the remaining main bronchus after pneumectomy has been performed. The completely covered stent protects the surgical suture. At the same time, it seals any existing suture insufficiencies and effectively prevents suture stenoses. You can therefore reduce the risk of complications with the J-stent and assist the patient's healing process.


  • Angled J-design

  • Self-expanding

  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends

  • Excellent positional stability

  • High radial force

  • Resistant and elastic covering

  • Complete covering

  • High radiopacity


J-Shape Tracheal Stents
REFStentDelivery System
Body O.D. (mm)Expanded Length
Catheter O.D.
Working Length
J-Shape Tracheal Stent Fully-Covered

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J-Shape Tracheal Stents
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