Stone Management

The stone removal procedure is not routine, because every patient is different, and the stone management is also different. In the past 20 years, Micro-Tech has provided a wide range of endoscopy and solutions portfolio to provide and support for every stone surgery with ERCP and provide innovative solutions to treat each patient.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Stone Management
Procedures of Stone Management
  • Access

By choosing our fixed cores and wires, you can gain access.

  • Dilation

Maintain access and provide non-vascular sterile water slide guide wire. The avascular sterile water slide guide wire is mainly used in conjunction with an endoscope to introduce or guide other equipment to a predetermined position of the avascular natural orifice.

  • Retrieval

As an expert in Nitinol extraction technology, our stone basket products enable you to join, reposition, release or extract stones in the kidney or ureter.

  • Drainage

Choose from a variety of stent configurations, materials and designs to provide drainage for daily operations and cases requiring more professional care. The soft and firm choice of stents provides flexibility, so you can choose the right stent for the patient.

Solutions of Stone Management
Solutions of Stone Management

Micro-Tech has been providing stone extraction baskets and stone extraction balloons to meet the needs of doctors in stone management. We understand the additional procedures required by the use of disposable instruments, lithotripters.

Micro-Tech is continuously redefining program solutions to increase your chances of clinical success, improving patient safety and achieving your business financial goals. Micro-Tech is a loyal partner for your endoscopy needs and can ensure that you are at the forefront of technology.

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