Duodenal Stents
Duodenal Stents
Duodenal Stents

Duodenal Stents

The self-expanding Nitinol stents are used to bypass stenoses in the duodenum. Their spherical ends adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the duodenum, thereby guaranteeing maximum positional stability. Stents with and without covering are available depending on the indication.

The duodenal stent is preloaded on a TTS introducer (through-the scope) as standard. Insertion can therefore be performed through the working channel of the endoscope and the stent can be released under endoscopic observation. X-ray markings on the introducer and on the stent ensure optimum radiological visualisation.

Successful in practical use

The X-ray images show the release process under radiological monitoring. The good radiopacity plus additional X-ray markings on the stent assist orientation and facilitate the release of the duodenal stent. The endoscopic position control clarifies the stent’s optimum expansion.

Duodenal Stents

​Always the appropriate solution

With a diameter of 20 mm and different lengths of 60, 80 or 100 mm, the range of duodenum stents always offers you the right size for your patient.

Duodenal Stents


  • Spherical ends

  • Self-expanding

  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends

  • Release under endoscopic observation

  • Excellent positional stability

  • Resistant and elastic covering

  • High radiopacity

  • Extraction threads for removal and repositioning

  • Compatible guide-wire up to 0.035 inches


Duodenal Stents
REFStentDelivery System
Body O.D. (mm)Expanded Length
Catheter O.D.
Working Length
Duodenal Stents Non-Covered
Duodenal Stents Partially-Covered
Duodenal Stents Fully-Covered

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Duodenal Stents
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