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SHOW Sphincterotomes
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SHOW Sphincterotomes
SHOW Sphincterotomes

Sphincterotome / Short-wire Compatible

For Precise Wire Guidance And Cannulation

SHOW Short Wire System

Thanks to the novel opening mechanism of the guide wire port, the papillotome can be used for both short wire and long wire procedures. The C-shaped guide wire lumen allows a gentle splitting movement to separate the guide wire from the papillotome catheter. The adjustable tip ensures accurate cannulation and positioning of the cutting wire prior to papillotomy.


  • 3 lumens for guidewire, cutting wire and contrast injection

  • Optional insulation of the proximal cutting wire

  • Cutting direction at 11 o’clock

  • Filiform tip, tapered to 5 Fr

  • Working length: 2.000 mm

  • Outer diameter: 2.5 mm

  • Guidewire compatible fully mobile up to 0.035 inch


Sphincterotome Short-Wire Compatible
REFTip Length
Cutting Wire Length
Cut Wire
Guide Wire Length
Cutting Wire
Head shapeWorking Channel Ø
RDSP-0025-111025W/ONoSingle-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0025-121025W/O2.6Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0025-131025W/O4.5Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0225-111225W/ONoSingle-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0225-121225W/O2.6Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0225-131225W/O4.5Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0525-111525W/ONoSingle-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0525-121525W/O2.6Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2
RDSP-0525-131525W/O4.5Single-WeaveCone≥ 3.2

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SHOW Sphincterotomes
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