Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons
Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons
Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons
Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons

Single-Stage Dilation Balloons

Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons

As regards manufacture, MICRO-TECH produces all the dilation balloons itself – using state of the art European and American production technology. Excellent workmanship and the use of premium materials, ensure that the MICRO-TECH balloons achieve the highest possible quality standard.

MICRO-TECH's dilation is also top of the range. The balloons are characterized by a series of features that guarantee maximum therapeutic success. For instance, two X-ray markings indicate the precise working length of the balloon, thereby ensuring its precise positioning.

Under the application of pressure, the balloon very rapidly acquires its precisely predefined expansion width. Furthermore, the high-pressure design ensures that the balloon retains its shape over the entire working length, thereby allowing optimum dilation success.

All balloons are available as TTS (through-the-scope) systems up to a balloon diameter of 18 mm. The required working channel diameter is at least 2.8 mm.

Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons

Successful in practical use

Stenoses are effectively dilated using the MICRO-TECH dilation balloons. The balloon dilates the stenosis safely and gently and prepares the area to be treated in an optimum manner. The uniform distribution of pressure over the entire working length of the balloon and the outstanding dimensional stability during dilation guarantee excellent therapeutic success over the entire length of the stenosis.


  • dimensionally stable high pressure design

  • 2 X-ray markings

  • separate guide wire and insufflation lumens

  • conical shaped catheter tip

  • very rapid expansion

  • guide-wire compatible up to 0.035 inches


Fixed wire esophageal multi-stage balloons
REFBallon Inflate O.D.Ballon length (mm)Inflation PressuresChannel Size (mm)Catheter Size (Fr)Catheter Length (cm)Packaging
Fixed wire esophageal single-stage balloons
REFBallon Inflate O.D.Ballon length (mm)Inflation PressuresChannel Size (mm)Catheter Size (Fr)Catheter Length (cm)Packaging

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Wire Guided Single-Stage Balloons
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