Biliary Nitinol Stent Set

Biliary Nitinol Stent Set, which refers to the self-expandable metallic stent of Short Wire system, and no thick probes, which greatly reduces perforation and mortality. Micro-Tech provides SHOW biliary stents.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Biliary Nitinol Stent Set
Biliary Nitinol Stent Set FAQs
Would metal biliary stents cause pain?

Occasionally, metal biliary stents can cause discomfort when placed, which might disappear after a few days. It is recommended to take a rest and avoid greasy and spicy food, and remember regular review after surgery.

How long does a metal biliary stent last?

Generally speaking, metal biliary stents can be used for more than 2 years, and for patients who have no adverse reactions, the use time will be longer. At present, with the further research and development of metal biliary stent materials, the time of its application is gradually extending.

Why would you need a metal biliary stent?

A biliary metal stent (also known as a "bile duct stent") is a flexible metallic tube, which is designed to keep your bile duct open, which has been blocked or partially blocked. When your bile duct appears a blockage, fluids like bile (bilirubin) are unable to flow into the duodenum to help digestion.

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